Igor Giovannini

I'm Igor Giovannini

Software Developer

«Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.»

Hello! I’m Igor Giovannini, a Software Developer with a lot of experience in Web Applications. I'm making an apprenticeship at Swiss Post to get a Swiss FCC (Federal certificate of capacity) as Software Developer.

Professional Skills

PHP 100%
JavaScript 90%
Java 70%
HTML & CSS 100%
Server management 80%
Objective-C 70%
Database 90%
C# (.NET, MVC, WebAPI2, Entity Framework) 70%

Work Experience

2016 - current


Founder, Software Engineer

pheasyo is a management Software offered to Physiotherapists in Switzerland. It allows to manage physiotherapy's studio, with billing management, sessions management, doctors management and insurances management. E-Invoicing has just been implemented and allows managers of physiotherapy studies to send invoices electronically and to benefit of "tiers payant"'s advantages.

2015 - current



Cloudler is a service that offers mainly Hosting and Cloud services to acquaintances and friends. This is for me a great experience to improve my knowledge especially on Server management and virtualization technologies.

2014 - current

Swiss Post

Software Developer (apprenticeship)

I'm currently doing an apprenticeship at Swiss Post: I'm working in the C# .NET team development. I work on production projects (mainly E-Post Office) and I think this is a big responsibility, because you deal with serious works, and especially you have to work in team to discuss issues and solutions (Agile methodology, Scrum)!

2008 - current


I work on some projects (personals and not), with the aim of enhance my knowledges, explore new things and make happy someone!


2014 - current

Software Developer

SPAI Locarno

2014 - current

Professional and technical maturity

SPAI Locarno


Radio Amtibu

Radio Amtibu is the Web Radio owned by Amici Ticino per il Burundi (AMTIBU). The purpose of this association is to support "Centre Jeunes Kamenge", a youth centre located in Bujumbura, Burundi.

What I've done? Web Site Development, Software Development (Podcast + Web Radio management), iOS App Development

Gruppo Genitori Carvina

Gruppo Genitori Carvina is an association made up of parents who organize activities for children, located in Monteceneri (TI, Switzerland).

What I've done? Web Site Development

Gruppo Genitori Vallemaggia

Gruppo Genitori Vallemaggia is an association made up of parents who organize activities for children, located in Vallemaggia (TI, Switzerland).

What I've done? Web Site Development

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